100 Jahre eimermacher

Innovationt meets tradition

We enforce the highest of standards in order to achieve optimum quality of our products: All raw materials, formulae and manufacturing processes at eimermacher are subject to the applicable provisions of pharmaceutical legislation as well as the production guidelines governing human cosmetics. Our constant striving for even more environmentally-friendly methods of production, for example by reducing waste as well as lowering our energy consumption and use of detergents, has been officially recognised by the award of the Ökoprofit certificate.
Furthermore, by way of evidence that we completely comply with all our claims regarding quality assurance and quality control, we are also in possession of the GMP certificate. This represents the highest level of official recognition in the sector of pharmaceutical production. Find out for yourself!

eimermacher at a glance

> Foundation: 1910 in Münster
> Sales markets: Drugstores, Pharmacies, Agriculture, Organic Products Shops/Health food Stores, Senior Citizen Care 

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